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Developer, passionate about what I do. After spending years in the culinary industry as a pastry chef, with programming as a hobby. I realized my passion for coding was more than just a side project. After dedicating myself and completing the Grace Hopper program at Fullstack Academy (a program with a less than 10% acceptance rate). I excitedly became a fullstack developer. Finding positions where I can practice my problem solving and continue to work on exciting projects. I currently work with Javascript, React, and mobX.




Product developer at Protenus

Maintains an admin and product UI that is used by over 50 large scale hospital systems, whose privacy officers use the Protenus platform on a daily basis to complete critical work

Added new sections and features to the core product every quarter. One example being ‘Groups’ - which added a layer of abstraction for organizations with multiple locations. Enabling, user controlled full application filtering of unwanted data.

Assisted in bringing to market the second product for the company. Added into the existing architecture while maintaining the quality and reliability of the core privacy product

Managed by-weekly product releases. Creating and maintaining internal documentation of tickets completed within the sprint as well as leading release meetings with the customer support team. Relaying all necessary information for the external release notes

Maintained quality product enabling the company to reach Best In Klas Category Leader of 2019

Scrum Master, run all Agile meetings, prioritized/vetted new requests, balanced the team assignments between the three products, tech debt, and feature requests

Completed UX/UI design tickets working with sketch and invision


Foundations Mentor (Part time, Nights and Weekends) at Fullstack Academy of Code
(5 months)

Provided a first point of contact for a cohort of 15 - 20 students in month long session while working through the at-home javaScript curriculum 

Graded all tests, ensuring students understood all material and followed JavaScript best practices. Leaving constructive feedback on areas to improve their skills and understanding

One on One tutoring for students that struggled with any topics


Full-Stack Engineer at Movatic
(7 months)

Rewrote the existing angular administrative website with react and react-redux, bringing it to full feature parity as well as adding additional features

Worked independently, completing tasks and assignments with quick turnaround and minimal assistance

Envisioned and executed better UI/UX

Used existing python backend, writing and maintaining REST API


Teaching Fellow at Fullstack Academy of Code
(4 months)

Led weekly technical interview prep for senior cohorts, algorithm and whiteboarding practice

Debugged mentored and taught concepts and best practices for about 25 students

Administered technical interviews for prospective students 2 to 3 times weekly in Javascript, python, and ruby

Managed student projects from start through deployment as team manager, technical mentor, and code reviewer

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